High School Blitz 2023: Week 4 features state title contenders

According to numerology, the number four is associated with stability, balance, structure and dependability. Welcome to the Week 4 edition of the FOX6 High School Blitz where all four aspects are represented in match ups around southeastern Wisconsin.

High School Blitz 2022: Teams book trip to state championship

This week's FOX6 High School Blitz was a culmination of 13 weeks of hard work that could lead to the Wisconsin high school football promised land. Level 4 is the night where tickets are punched for Madison or a good run comes to an end.

High School Blitz 2022: Level 1 sees blowouts, close calls

For nine weeks, teams have created identities, formed bonds and earned the invitation they coveted. A new season starts as playoff invitations have been handed out and now the game changes in Level 1 of the FOX6 High School Blitz.