David Foley scammed businesses out of thousands

David Foley is a convicted con man, known for writing bad checks to scam businesses out of thousands of dollars.Federal authorities say since 1997, Foley has been arrested nine times for worthless checks, drunk driving, theft, forgery and even election fraud.Foley was in court early in 2011 for a case of identity theft.

Secret e-mails set off firestorm of reaction in Madison

Secret e-mails uncovered by the FOX6 Investigators set off a firestorm of reaction, especially from conservative groups like Citizens for Responsible Government.The e-mails are dated February 15th, back when it appears the budget repair bill was on a fast track to passage.In one e-mail, the Chief of Staff for Mayor Dave Ciesliewicz writes, "(The mayor) spoke with Doug LaFollette this morning and it doesn't look like he'll hold up the bill for publicantion more than a day or two at the maximum."A staffer for Senate Mark Miller later replies, "Mark Miller just spoke with Doug.