Internships at FOX6

The WITI-FOX6 Internship program enhances professional skill development for students interested in a career in television. Students will, in a hands-on environment and/or through independent research, have an opportunity to refine proficiency and/or gain in depth knowledge in various television media or production areas. 

Objectives of the Internship program

  • Provide students majoring in journalism, communications, media and related disciplines the opportunity to receive on-site exposure to and training from experienced television broadcast professionals who are in job positions to which students aspire.
  • Provide students majoring in journalism, communications, and media and related disciplines the opportunity to garner practical application experiences and exposure to a work environment in their desired careers.

Internship Requirements

  • Intern MUST be a college or trade school student receiving academic credits (internship is otherwise considered unpaid)
  • Minimum of 16 hours per week
  • Must have a strong interest in broadcast journalism and avid news consumer

News Department

Experience a television station through the lens of the News Department.  With that in mind, all interested applicants should have a vast knowledge of all current events.  The intern should be available for a rotating schedule that will allow them to experience in-house and field tasks, that include, but is not limited to the assignment desk, general assignment reporter shadow, and writer/producer shadow.

Sports Department

Under the supervision of the Sports Producers/Reporters, the student intern(s) will gain hands-on experience in the day-to-day operations of the Sports Department.  Student intern(s) will be exposed to how the Sports Department covers stories; and edit and air sports for the evening newscasts and special shows. Student intern(s) will assist in all facets of production. Duties include but are not limited to: checking wire reports, logging feeds and games, preparing initial scripts, working with editors to produce high-lights, and retrieving and archiving videotapes. This internship may include some field experience to cover sports events with a camera crew and Sportscaster. Student intern(s) must be self-starters, organized, and able to work evening and weekend hours.


Under the supervision of the Chief Meteorologist, weather interns will learn to operate weather graphic system and be capable of creating a ready-for-broadcast weather show by the end of the internship. Interns will learn the weather systems and be capable of assisting the on-air Meteorologists in tracking and analyzing severe storms. Interns will also learn the crawl system for weather alerts and will assist the on-air Meteorologists with preparing crawls (with strict supervision) for broadcast. Interns will study meteorological model data and create local forecasts for comparison with the on-air Meteorologists’’ forecast. As time permits, interns will practice delivering a weathercast at the Chroma key Wall and in the Weather Office.


Who are the people who get you to watch TV shows? It’s the Promotion Producers job to lure viewers to watch FOX prime programs, including our newscasts. Find out how they do it! Take part in the TV marketing process, which includes writing, producing, directing, videography, and non-linear editing by watching our producers create promos for newscasts and entertainment programs. You will even have the chance to write and prepare your own topical promo taking your ideas through the production process. 

All students wanting to apply for an internship with FOX6 must:

Attn: Human Resources
9001 N. Green Bay Road
Milwaukee, WI 53209

NOTE: WITI/FOX6 reserves the right to NOT accept any incomplete applications. FOX6 will NOT contact any applicant if any portion of the application is missing.