Jenna Sachs

Jenna Sachs

Contact 6 Reporter

"How can we help?" is the question we ask ourselves every day.

I have been proudly leading the Contact 6 segment since 2016. Our goal is simple: to make a positive difference in our community.

Every year, hundreds of people file complaints with Contact 6, and every year, we help our viewers get hundreds of thousands of dollars in refunds.

Our talented team has been honored with Emmy Awards, Wisconsin Broadcasters Awards and Milwaukee Press Club Awards for our hard work. That said, it makes us very happy just to get a ‘thank you’ from one of our viewers!

I'm a Minnesota native who crossed the state line to go to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There, I fell in love with a fellow Badger and I haven’t left the state since!

Before settling down in Milwaukee in 2011, I hopped around the state for a while, reporting in La Crosse and Green Bay. I’ve been blessed to work with wonderful people in every newsroom and to learn from several talented mentors.

Aside from my job, nothing in life will ever make me prouder than my three daughters, who bring me endless happiness. As for hobbies, free time is a luxury I haven’t had since my twins were born!

My motto for reporting is simple: to be honest, fair and have integrity. That means listening carefully to both sides and pursuing resolutions that are fair to all parties.

If you’d like to ask Contact 6 for help, fill out our online complaint form here.

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