15+ shot in Milwaukee in 4 days, 'bloodshed on the streets'

Milwaukee police said 15+ people were shot in four days, and six people were killed as the month of July got off to a violent start. Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson spoke about the violence as he met with families on the holiday.

"Happy Fourth of July, everybody!" said Mayor Johnson.

Mayor Johnson visited Milwaukee communities on what he called his favorite holiday. He said the example of unity he sees on July 4 should be seen every day of the year.

"We all should look within each other and work to come together," said Mayor Johnson. "That’s what the United States is all about."

This, after a violent holiday weekend. 

Fatal shooting near 12th and Chambers, July 3

Milwaukee police said 15+ people were shot July 1-4. Six people died.

"Not long ago, within my lifetime, if people had a disagreement, they just argue it out, perhaps walk away, get into an argument, maybe get into a fist fight, but still live to see another day," said Mayor Johnson.

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Mayor Johnson said he’s gone to state and federal partners asking them to pass legislation when it comes to access to guns. 

Fatal shooting near Farwell and North, July 3

Police said at least six shootings from the holiday weekend stemmed from arguments.

"If they continue to have access to guns, then we’ll continue to see bloodshed on the streets for things as silly as arguments," said Mayor Johnson.

Police said six of the shooting victims were teenagers.

"I think something is missing because we’re not getting the voice of what our young people may want that they don’t have," said Vanessa Johnson.

Johnson said she’s lived in Milwaukee for decades. She believes talking to young offenders may help find the root of the violence issue.

Fatal shooting near 28th and Burnham, July 2

"What made you even get into the arena to do whatever you did to be a first-time juvenile offender?" said Johnson. "Get to the root of what that is and working with the family as a whole."

With the community coming together for the Fourth of July, Johnson said she hopes people come together to stop the violence in Milwaukee.

"Community leaders, parents, police officers, social workers, mental health workers, it's going to take us all," said Johnson. "We have to get our community back."

Shootings snapshot

Saturday, July 1: Milwaukee shootings Saturday; 4 wounded

Sunday, July 2: Milwaukee shootings Sunday: 2 dead, 4 hurt

Monday, July 3: Milwaukee shootings Monday: 2 dead, 5 hurt

Tuesday, July 4: Milwaukee shootings Tuesday; 1 dead, 3 hurt

Fatal shootings

July 2: 28th and Burnham shooting, man dead, 3 in custody

July 2: 6th and Reservoir shooting, man dead

July 3: 12th and Chambers

July 3: Milwaukee fatal shooting, Farwell and North, 15-year-old killed

July 4: 47th and Burleigh, 16-year-old killed

Opportunities for youth

Visit Milwaukee's Hello Summer website for internships, jobs, events, youth programming, summer child care, summer camps, and more.