'One More Helping' pairs Milwaukee restaurants, Hunger Task Force

MILWAUKEE -- A new campaign launched in Milwaukee is raising money for the Hunger Task Force while supporting local restaurants amid the coronavirus pandemic.Despite the shortage in business due to COVID-19, chefs were still hard at work prepping food at Milwaukee's City Market Monday, May 11.

'We are going to buy that milk:' New program sends Wisconsin farmers' dairy to food pantries

MILWAUKEE -- Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin (DFW) and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) have joined forces with the Hunger Task Force to help provide relief to the growing numbers of underfed and unemployed by connecting milk to emergency food organizations throughout the state.The $45.6 billion dairy industry in Wisconsin is dealing with a sudden loss of business in schools and restaurants closed during the coronavirus pandemic -- which account for nearly half of the market.Now, farmers and cooperatives from Florida, to Wisconsin, to Maine are dumping milk because there are no plants that will take it and the price paid to farmers has collapsed again.Plants set up to make food service products — like large packages of mozzarella cheese — aren’t able to pivot quickly and start churning out gallons of milk.