Hillary Clinton casts her ballot: 'It is the most humbling feeling'

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y.  — Seeking to become the nation's first female president, Hillary Clinton cast her ballot Tuesday and settled down to wait for the country to make its choice.The Democratic nominee and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, voted at an elementary school near their home in suburban New York before greeting supporters waiting for her outside."It is the most humbling feeling," she said of voting for herself for president. "I know how much responsibility goes with this."It was a relatively calm moment Tuesday compared with Clinton's hectic final few days day on the campaign trail.

Early votes in, others head to the election polls

MILWAUKEE  — The majority of Wisconsin's eligible voters will head to the polls on this Election Day.Nearly 800,000 of the expected 3 million people who are expected to vote in the general election have already cast their ballots.

Senate and presidential races top Wisconsin's ballot

MADISON — Wisconsin Democrats are hoping to keep a presidential winning streak alive and avenge a loss that sent a former longtime senator packing six years ago.Republicans hope to make Donald Trump the first GOP presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan to win in Wisconsin.

Everything you need to know BEFORE you head to the polls

MILWAUKEE -- There's definitely a lot on the line when people flock to the polls on election day this November.But before you head to cast your vote for one party or the other, there are some important items you need to check.

Ahead of election day, clerks prepare polling places, absentee ballots for counting

MILWAUKEE -- Election day is Tuesday, November 8th, and clerks on Monday, November 7th spent the day making final preparations at polling sites across the area.There are more than 280 polling locations in Milwaukee County alone -- and turnout is expected to be high.The Wisconsin Elections Commission predicts that 3.1 million people will cast ballots on Tuesday -- 69.6 percent of Wisconsin’s 2016 voting-age population of 4,449,170, according to Census estimates.Wisconsin election officials said Monday, November 7th nearly 800,000 people voted early, setting a new record.The Wisconsin Elections Commission announced that as of Monday morning, 797,740 people had returned absentee ballots to municipal clerks.