Open Record: Rollout roadblocks

As states roll out their COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans, why is Wisconsin lagging behind in the number of people vaccinated?

Open Record: Coming to (public) light

The investigation into the police shooting of Jacob Blake is complete and has been made public, but that's not the only case where investigative records are coming to public light.

Open Record: Capitol Chaos

FOX6's political reporter joins the Open Record team to talk about what unfolded Wednesday at the Capitol and where we go from here.

Open Record: A slow roll

As vaccines roll out slower than originally promised, we find out where Wisconsin stands in the fight against COVID-19.

Open Record: Inside the ICU

As health care workers are starting to get the first injections of the COVID-19 vaccine, where does Wisconsin stand in the fight against the coronavirus?

Open Record: V-Day in America

The impact today's impending decision by the FDA on emergency approval of a COVID-19 vaccine could have on Milwaukee, the state of Wisconsin, and the country.

Open Record: COVID-19 vaccine

Just today, a 90-year-old woman in the UK became the first person to get the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, outside clinical trials. Here in the United States, we're just days away from the FDA hearing its first case for approval. In this episode of Open Record, the FOX6 Investigators dig into the coronavirus vaccine. They take listeners through what we know so far about the different vaccines and how Wisconsin plans to distribute them. You'll learn more about the process of developing the vaccine and the approval process. The team also explains what happens after people start getting vaccinated.

Open Record: Mistake or fraud

As unemployment claims flood Wisconsin's system, there are two sides of the coin involving unemployment fraud: The victims of fraud and those who say they're falsely accused.

Open Record: The governor’s emails, part 2

Does or mean and? Or does or mean... well, or? That was the crux of a legal battle between FOX6 News and Governor Tony Evers over our request for the Governor's emails.

Open Record: 6 and 3

As the problem continues to plague Milwaukee, we hear from a young man who admits to driving recklessly for years.

Open Record: COVID-19 back in court

The Open Record team explains why the coronavirus is back in front of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and what arguments are being made this time.

Open Record: The tipping point

The FOX6 Investigators break down Wisconsin's COVID-19 numbers, put them in context, and discuss the tough decisions about holiday gatherings.