During march, petition circulated to cut MPD funding by 10%, invest in black communities

MILWAUKEE -- A march in Milwaukee Monday, June 8 was focused on changing the direction of the Milwaukee Police Department -- with demonstrators calling for more money to be invested in community programs.It was a long march -- about 4 miles in total, starting at Sherman Park and ending at Red Arrow Park.Through art, poetry and signs, the group urged city leaders to defund police and give the money back to black communities -- part of a movement called "Reclaim the 414." Sherman Park and Red Arrow Park were the locations of the fatal police shootings of Sylville Smith in August 2016 and Dontre Hamilton in April 2014.

Committee approves $2.3M, $200K settlements for family of Dontre Hamilton, Barbara Killebrew

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Common Council's Judiciary and Legislation Committee approved a resolution on Monday, May 22nd authorizing a settlement payment of $200,000 to the estate and children of Barbara Killebrew, and a $2.3 million settlement for the family of Dontre Hamilton.Killebrew, 60, was stabbed repeatedly on June 24, 2014 near 24th Place and Melvina in Milwaukee -- by her estranged boyfriend.