'Never be forgotten:' City of Milwaukee proclaims Monday, April 30 as Dontre Day

Dontre Hamilton

MILWAUKEE -- It has been four years since Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer in Red Arrow Park. A group gathered in the same spot to commemorate his passing on Saturday, May 5. The Hamilton family says, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

"Mayor of the City of Milwaukee does hereby proclaim Monday, April 30, 2018 to be Dontre Day," said a speaker.

A place that once brought a family pain now brings them some joy. As they commemorate the life of Dontre Hamilton, the city proclaimed April 30 to be "Dontre Day."

Dontre Day

"Whose day? Dontre Day! Whose day? Dontre Day!" those at the gathering cheered.

Dontre Day

Christopher Manney

Four years ago, Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed by now former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney. Since that day, the Hamilton family has been working to see changes in Milwaukee's policing.

From race relations to mental health training, they are proud of what's been accomplished.

"Up and down, an emotional roller coaster, but I think the journey to me has been a strengthening," said Nate Hamilton, Dontre Hamilton's brother.

Dontre Day

Dontre Day

But they look at incidents like what happened at 51st and Capitol last week, as motivation to continue.

51st and Capitol

"There's still work to be done and we want people to know there's no day we can take off," Nate said.

Nate Hamilton

The family brings together all ages and races for what has become a celebration, vowing to continue their work on their loved one's behalf.

"It represents a family, it represents love, it represents peace and it represents unity," said Dameion Perkins, Dontre Hamilton's brother. "Dontre will never be forgotten."

Dontre Day

The Hamilton family says, they would like to see a different approach to crisis intervention training. Not only with officers, but community members as well.

Dontre Day