Jill Biden visiting Wisconsin; parade survivor wants action

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Jill Biden visiting, Waukesha parade survivor wants action

The first lady will visit Waukesha, a city heartbroken after November's parade attack, and meet with victims' families and first responders at Waukesha City Hall.

First lady Jill Biden will visit Waukesha on Wednesday, Dec. 15 – joined by second gentlemen Douglas Emhoff and U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.

The first lady will visit Waukesha, a city heartbroken after November's parade attack, and meet with victims' families and first responders at Waukesha City Hall.

"Clearly, she’s coming for several reasons, one of them obviously is to help our folks in the Waukesha area and Milwaukee, continue to support each other, grieve and move forward from the tragedy in Waukesha," Gov. Tony Evers said.

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The tragedy still leaves scars for Waukesha native Ken Walter, who was in the parade.

"He swerved and missed my vehicle," Walter said. "I mean, I looked right in his face as he drove right at me and swerved and missed my vehicle and swerved to hit the Waukesha South High School Band.

"I witnessed him drive into people. That’s not something that’s easy to sleep with. And that’s not something I ever thought my 11-year old would see. I’m not trained for that. I’m not trained to see the blood of children on the street of the town I grew up in…and it’s all because the laws allow people like him to be out when he was in jail three days earlier."

Walter will not be meeting the first lady.

"It’s a photo opp. I don’t see it as anything other than that," said Walter. "If she really wants to do something: Help reform these laws that allow guys like this to be out."

Darrell Brooks Jr.

Darrell Brooks Jr. is the man prosecutors accuse of plowing through the crowd. He is charged with six homicide counts.

Before the parade attack, Brooks was arrested – accused of trying to run over his child's mother. Milwaukee County let him out on $1,000 bail, which District Attorney John Chisholm called the "mistake" of a young, overworked assistant in the district attorney's office.

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Before visiting Waukesha, the first lady, second gentleman and surgeon general will visit Children's Wisconsin. The hospital treated 18 patients of the attack. Sixteen were admitted and, as of Tuesday night, one remains in the hospital's care.

The White House said the three will meet health care workers and children after getting their COVID-19 vaccinations. The visit with vaccinated children is part of the White House's nationwide effort urging parents to vaccinate kids ages 5 and older.

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Jill Biden Wisconsin visit; will meet Waukesha parade crash victims

First lady Jill Biden is planning to meet with families of victims and others who were at a Christmas parade in Waukesha where six people were killed and dozens were injured after an SUV plowed through the crowd.

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