White House, Congress agree on $2 trillion virus rescue bill

WASHINGTON — The White House and Senate leaders of both parties announced agreement early Wednesday on an unprecedented $2 trillion emergency bill to rush sweeping aid to businesses, workers and a health care system slammed by the coronavirus pandemic.The urgently needed measure is the largest economic rescue bill in history.

DWD: 29,300 unemployment applications submitted in Wisconsin in 4 days

MADISON -- Unemployment claims by workers displaced due to the coronavirus pandemic skyrocketed since Sunday, March 15.Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Secretary Caleb Frostman said Thursday, March 19 preliminary numbers showed there were 1,500 claims on Sunday, 4,300 on Monday, 8,500 on Tuesday, and 15,000 on Wednesday.Gov.

Wisconsin Republicans pursue truth-in-labeling bills

MADISON — Wisconsin Republicans are pursuing changes in state law to ban labeling food as meat, milk or dairy if they don't contain those products.A state Senate committee held a hearing Thursday on the proposals that bill sponsors argue is needed to protect Wisconsin's agriculture and dairy industries from what they argue is misleading food labeling.

Senator Baldwin stops in Milwaukee to discuss 'significant water challenges across the state, country'

MILWAUKEE -- Senator Tammy Baldwin was in Milwaukee Monday, Aug. 19 to highlight new water technology.Senator Baldwin met with the Water Council and representatives from manufacturing companies in the Milwaukee area, such as A.O. Smith, Badger Meter, and Baker Manufacturing to discuss challenges with Wisconsin's drinking water.One of the technologies is being developed to detect and treat water contamination."We have significant water challenges across the state, and across this country, and the type of innovation that can come from these types of partnerships are quite amazing," said Senator Baldwin.Senator Baldwin introduced legislation in Washington aimed at developing and installing new water technologies to address problems with drinking water across the country.