DWD: 29,300 unemployment applications submitted in Wisconsin in 4 days

MADISON -- Unemployment claims by workers displaced due to the coronavirus pandemic skyrocketed since Sunday, March 15.Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Secretary Caleb Frostman said Thursday, March 19 preliminary numbers showed there were 1,500 claims on Sunday, 4,300 on Monday, 8,500 on Tuesday, and 15,000 on Wednesday.Gov.

Political expert calls Senator Ron Johnson's 'Meet the Press' interview Washington at its worst

MILWAUKEE -- University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Professor Emeritus Mordecai Lee described a testy interview between Senator Ron Johnson and Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" Sunday, Oct. 6 as Washington at its worst.The back and forth lasted more than nine minutes, with Senator Johnson and Todd engaged in a heated argument."Senator, can we--," Todd asked."No, no, no -- what does this have to do with Ukraine?" said Senator Johnson. "What does this have to do with Ukraine?"When pressed on a quote featured in the Wall Street Journal that Senator Johnson winced at the suggestion that military aid might be linked to Ukraine's willingness to investigate President Donald Trump's political rival Joe Biden, Senator Johnson replied by suggesting President Trump had been set up.

'Who set him up?' Ron Johnson, on 'Meet the Press' says he 'doesn't trust' the CIA or FBI

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A second whistleblower came forward, saying they have information about President Donald Trump's dealings with Ukraine -- the focus of an impeachment inquiry.The attorney for both whistleblowers said this person has "firsthand knowledge" to corroborate allegations in the original complaint.The whistleblowers accused President Trump of pressuring Ukraine to dig up dirt on his political opponents, and a White House coverup.U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, (R-Wisconsin) defended President Trump Sunday morning, Oct. 6 on Meet the Press with a conspiracy theory, suggesting he was set up."Unlike the narrative of the press that President Trump wants to dig up dirt on his 2020 opponent, what he wants is he wants an accounting of what happened in 2016," said Senator Johnson. "Who set him up?