Wisconsin's Most Wanted Kenneth Twyman guilty, 86 days in jail

Kenneth Twyman

Kenneth Twyman, who has been on the list of Wisconsin's Most Wanted more than once, a man U.S. Marshals called a "menace," reached a plea deal Wednesday, Oct. 12 in one of four open cases filed against him since 2018.

Twyman pleaded guilty Wednesday to a charge of felony bail jumping in a Waukesha County case filed in June 2022. He was sentenced to serve 180 days in jail -- straight time, with credit for 94 days' time served, so 86 days in jail.

As a result of this plea deal, a second Waukesha County case filed in July 2021 charging Twyman with felony bail jumping and possession of THC was dismissed.

Police say Kenneth Twyman shot 24-year-old Tayvon Luckett in the neck and chest and left him to die.

Twyman has three open cases in Milwaukee County; the most recent filed in April 2022. He's accused in the shooting death of Tayvon Luckett. Twyman faces one count of first-degree reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon and one count of possession of a firearm by an adjudicated delinquent of a felony. He pleaded not guilty on Oct. 3.

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In January, Twyman was charged in Milwaukee County with possession with intent to deliver THC and felony bail jumping. Online court records show he's due in court for that at the end of October.

In November 2018, Twyman was charged with five felonies: operator flee/elude officer -- bodily harm or property damage, second-degree recklessly endangering safety, possession with intent to deliver THC as party to a crime, possession with intent to deliver cocaine and possession with intent to deliver heroin. Online court records show he's due in court for that at the end of October, as well. 

Twyman a no-show in court Sept. 20

Wednesday's guilty plea from Twyman came just over three weeks after he was due in court in Milwaukee County in the Luckett murder case and did not show. 

In July, Twyman appeared for a scheduled preliminary hearing in the case. A detective with the Milwaukee Police Department testified, but online records show prosecutors then requested an adjournment for additional testimony from another detective.

On Aug. 16, the preliminary hearing was adjourned a second time; Twyman was not present, and the court adjourned the case for cause.

Twyman's attorney was present for a Sept. 20 court date – but Twyman was not. He was in the Waukesha County Jail and refused to be transported for the hearing, court records indicated. No one in the courtroom seemed to know why, including his own lawyer.

"I met with my client last week in the Waukesha County Jail, there was nothing out of the ordinary," said Attorney Mark Richards.

Kenneth Twyman

Luckett's family thought they were one step closer to getting some closure. 

"I don’t know what kind of games Twyman is playing, but he will have his day in court hopefully," Luckett's grandmother said.

Luckett's mother said every day Twyman does not show up, her pain grows.

"I feel like him refusing to come to court, which I didn’t know that was even possible for an inmate to refuse to come, is just them prolonging things and trying to get the case dismissed," she said.

The preliminary hearing in Milwaukee County was adjourned for cause again and rescheduled, this time for Oct. 3. That's when Twyman pleaded not guilty.

Twyman's repeated posting of bail

U.S. Marshals called Twyman a menace, and Milwaukee police say he's a killer, but no matter how high judges set his bail, someone keeps coming up with the cash to set him free.

In 2019, he posted $2,000 and fled the state. Earlier in 2022, he posted another $10,000. Police say he then shot and killed Luckett and disappeared again. In July, Marshals found him in Oak Creek after 10 weeks on the run. That arrest marked the third time U.S. Marshals arrested Twyman in five years. He has been on the list of Wisconsin's Most Wanted more than once.

Kenneth Twyman

On Aug. 5, he posted more than $100,000 bail in hopes of getting out again. First, he had to settle up a couple of warrants in Waukesha.

Before Twyman could go free, deputies transferred him to Waukesha to settle the pair of warrants. On Aug. 8, prosecutors revealed that jailhouse phone calls tipped them off to Twyman's intentions of heading to California or Las Vegas. A new bail of $200,000 cash was set.