Wisconsin's Most Wanted Kenneth Twyman out of Milwaukee jail, bail posted

One of Wisconsin's Most Wanted fugitives is out of the Milwaukee County Jail again, and somebody ponied up six figures to get him out, but he did not get far. At least, not yet.

Phone calls tipped prosecutors off to a Twyman's plans to flee the state again.

Twyman had been in the Milwaukee County Jail since July 6 when U.S.Marshals picked him up for the third time in four years.

On Aug. 5, someone posted more than $100,000 to set him free again, but first, he had to settle up a couple of warrants in Waukesha.

"Where is all this money coming from?" said a family member of Tayvon Luckett, whom Twyman is accused of killing. 

Luckett's family asked that FOX6 not use their names or show their faces.

If you think higher cash bail is supposed to protect the public from the most dangerous criminal defendants, it has done little to deter Twyman.

"This is odd that I have someone who qualifies for public defender representation but is literally sitting on $125,000 worth of cash," said David Herring, court commissioner. 

U.S. Marshals have arrested him three times, the most recent on a warrant for homicide.

Police say Twyman shot 24-year-old Tayvon Luckett in the neck and chest and left him to die.

"We were hoping he would stay in there until his trial date," said a family member of Tayvon Luckett.

Each time, judges set higher cash bail. Each time, Tywman posts it and disappears.

"He doesn’t just flee and not come back to court," said the prosecutor. "He flees the jurisdiction. He flees the state of Wisconsin."

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"It’s very hard for us to deal with," said a family member of Tayvon Luckett.

Luckett's family was incensed when they heard someone posted more than $100,000 bail on Twyman's behalf, and he was released from the Milwaukee County Jail again.

"$100,000 to drug dealers is no money," said a family member of Tayvon Luckett. "They have that stashed away in the refrigerator in a rubber band."

Before Twyman could go free, deputies transferred him to Waukesha to settle a pair of warrants. On Monday, Aug. 8, prosecutors revealed that recent jailhouse phone calls tipped them off to Twyman's intentions of heading to California or Las Vegas.

"Planning to flee the state the second he gets out," said the prosecutor.

Herring upped the ante again, setting a new bail of $200,000 cash, keeping one of Wisconsin's most wanted in jail – for now.

Kenneth Twyman

FOX6's Bryan Polcyn: "If he gets out, gets this $200,000, you think there’s any chance he’s going to show up for his trial?"

"No, he will never," said a family member of Tayvon Luckett. "He will never."