Milwaukee County Safe Streets Roadshow; how reckless driving impacts you

Milwaukee County's Department of Transportation heard from members of the public Wednesday, July 19 about how they've been impacted by reckless driving.

DOT officials say reckless driving has reached "crisis levels" in Milwaukee County, so they've launched the "Complete Communities Transportation Planning Project" initiative across all 19 county municipalities.

The first step involves the "Safe Streets Roadshow," a series of 20 public meetings in the county.

During the meeting on Wednesday, residents were given maps to mark reckless driving hotspots.

Milwaukee County Safe Streets Roadshow

"I’m just really worried about my safety," said Deborah Ruck, Milwaukee. 

"It just seems like everybody is in such a rush all the time," said Bruce Held, Wauwatosa.

The goal of the "Complete Communities" initiative is to develop a "Safe Streets Action Plan" for all of Milwaukee County aimed at addressing the root causes of reckless driving and protecting those most vulnerable on the road.

"The kids are running wild, and the parents don’t know anything about it," said Held.

During Wednesday's "Safe Streets Roadshow," county residents shared what they see on the streets.

Milwaukee County Safe Streets Roadshow

"I see cars try to make the light," said Ruck. "If they can’t, they speed up very fast."

According to the DOT's website as of Wednesday, 52 people were killed in crashes in Milwaukee County in 2023. 

Some drivers said they were thankful to be part of the possible solution.

"They need to compile what people are seeing," said Ruck.

Milwaukee County Safe Streets Roadshow

Others said they're not sure this will make a difference.

"There’s been talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk and almost no action," said Held.

Whatever comes out of these meetings will help to determine next steps, officials said.

The goal is for Phase 1 of the project to be completed by 2024.