Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Experts on jury deliberations

The jury in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse began deliberations Tuesday, Nov. 16. To discuss what happens now – and how long it may take – Defense Attorney Michael Hart, who is not involved in the case, joined FOX6 News.

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Ion Meyn, a law professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, also joined FOX6 News to explain which charges may take longer than others for the jury to consider and what happens if they cannot agree.

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Emails, letters to Kenosha County Courthouse

Hundreds of pages of emails, letters, and even postcards have been sent to the Kenosha County Courthouse since Monday, Nov. 1 – the day jury selection began in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: How the jury was narrowed

Kyle Rittenhouse played a direct role Tuesday in deciding, albeit randomly, who will be the final 12 jurors that will decide his innocence or guilt in the murder trial over his killing two protesters and injuring a third last summer.

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: National Guard on standby, police ready

Political leaders from Kenosha to Madison are trying to prepare for whatever reactions come from the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. The governor ordered roughly 500 Wisconsin National Guard troops to be ready on standby, and police departments are watching the trial.