Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Experts explain charges, jury's process

Closing arguments in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse took place Monday, Nov. 15. With the case close to being handed to the jury, Defense attorney Michael Hart – who is not involved in the case – joined FOX6 News to explain the process of lesser charges, the judge's instructions to the jury and more.

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Ion Meyn, a law professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, joined FOX6 News at 5 amid the prosecution's rebuttal. He discussed the dismissal of charges, consideration of lesser charges and other elements of the case.

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: How 2 weeks of testimony unfolded in Kenosha

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial has gripped southeast Wisconsin and the rest of the nation for two weeks straight.

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Gun charge dismissed

As the Kyle Rittenhouse case heads to the jury, one misdemeanor charge won't be up for discussion.