Extreme heat returns, splash pads a popular destination Tuesday

Another week with soaring temperatures, kids of all ages tried to beat the heat Tuesday, June 21.

Summer's arrival feels pretty cool for 9-year-old A.J. Coker.

"It feels like someone is giving you a massage on your head, back and all over," he said.

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Jill Coker home-schools her three kids, including A.J. With temperatures soaring lately, they had to go somewhere for relief.

"It can be a little claustrophobic at times," she said. "We hit a splash pad like where we are at today, or we blow up the pool out back and turn up the water hose."

Waukesha County splash pad

FOX6 Weather Experts are tracking the heat. Temperatures were expected to hit at least 90 degrees throughout most of southeastern Wisconsin Tuesday.

"To put it into perspective, our average for today is 79 degrees. Even though we are not nearing a record, this is way above our seasonal average," FOX6's Stephanie Barichello said.

The previous week's heat was the hottest in a decade. Barichello adds, for example, a high temperature of 96 degrees combined with a dew point of around 70 means it feels like 103 degrees.

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"When your body overheats, it sweats. Normally, the sweat evaporates, but when there’s this high moisture content in the atmosphere – dew points in the 70s or upper 60s – the rate of evaporation really declines," she said.

At Nixon Park in Hartland, mother of three Lori Struska is avoiding pools and ponds this year because many don't have lifeguards on duty. Splash pads, though, get her seal of approval.

"We don’t have to worry about anybody drowning," said Struska.

In this heat, Struska encourages her daughters to pace themselves for a long summer of splashes.

"I’m enjoying it. I love the heat, personally," She said. "Drink lots of water; if you start feeling a headache or sick at all – just come take a break."

The splash pads in Hartland and Sussex are open until around dusk.