Darrell Brooks' Milwaukee cases continue after Waukesha life sentence

Darrell Brooks, already sentenced to life in prison for the Waukesha Christmas parade attack, appeared in Milwaukee County court Thursday, Feb. 2.

Two pending cases surround a domestic violence incident in Milwaukee. Prosecutors say Brooks ran over the mother of his child and was then released on $1,000 bond just before the 2021 Waukesha Christmas parade. Then, in December 2021, he was charged with intimidating the same woman. A third case is from 2020, in which prosecutors say he shot at someone during a fight.

During status hearings Thursday, the parties were still trying to reach a resolution on how to proceed. But what's the point when Brooks is already serving several life sentences? A defense attorney tells FOX6 News it's complicated.

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"I think it’s probably not a wise exercise of resources," said Defense Attorney Michael Hart.

Hart said the judicial system is backlogged and overworked, so he does not think it is the best economic decision. However, it's not that simple – especially when it comes to victims' rights.

"Closure, they believe that emotionally it helps them," Hart said.

Brooks already filed notice to appeal his Waukesha conviction. If that is reversed, the Milwaukee cases could be a fallback. Hart said that is highly unlikely.

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"Those cases wouldn’t be thrown out. He would be entitled to a second trial, and my suspicion is the result would be the same," he said.

In both cases, Brooks' attorney said, if they go to trial, Brooks wants to defend himself as he did in Waukesha.