Brookfield Mass after Roe ruling, 'prayers for 63M lives lost to abortion'

In the week since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, it’s been an emotional time for many.

While protestors are expressing anger and frustration, others feel hopeful. 

"You’ve got to remember, many pro-lifers never thought this day would occur," said Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki. 

Listecki presided over the Votive Mass for the Mercy of God Thursday, June 30 at St. Dominic Catholic Parish in Brookfield, including "prayers for merciful remembrance before God for the 63 million lives lost to abortion and renewed efforts in support of the dignity of all human life."

What was a dark ruling for some is bringing others light.

"It’s a devastating feeling as an American who for my entire life, I have felt that I am free here, and as of last Friday, I no longer feel I have the same rights that I once did," said Jen Clark, Protect Our Rights Milwaukee, earlier this week.

Since Friday's ruling, demonstrations have brought out both sides of the issue, often in the same place. At Thursday's mass, there were no protestors at the parish – only a grateful group.

"As we say God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good," said Chuck Bloom, who attended Mass.

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"I felt at peace and felt a lot of comfort there that we had a big community that wanted to support the mothers," said Alexandra Buchlmayer, who attended Mass.

While protestors against the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade are packing the streets, worshippers at St. Dominic Catholic Parish are filling the pews, singing their praise of the reversal.

"This is a very personal attack, especially for women and people that have a uterus," said Clark. 

"It’s basically a correction," said Listecki. "It doesn’t take abortion away. Abortion is still basically accessible in the U.S."

Thursday's Mass was one of remembrance and renewed commitment, Listecki said.

"There are those who were forced, coerced into abortions, sometimes by partners," said Listecki. 

"I felt a lot of hope today during the Mass," said Katie Kannall. "Just as the archbishop said, it’s been a long day coming for this decision to be corrected. I felt today there was hope this could continue to be corrected in all the states."

During Mass, funds were collected for pregnancy resource centers supported by the church.