Vaccine passport too complex, Evers says, as NYC requires shots

With COVID cases on the rise, some cities and businesses across the nation are once again enforcing new restrictions. New York City announced Tuesday, Aug. 3 it will require vaccines for people entering places like gyms and restaurants.

The new mandates come as the delta variant surges. On Tuesday, Governor Tony Evers said the best answer is the vaccine. Businesses owners say they do not want to go back to a shutdown.

"Things are going well.  We’re busy," said Omar Shaikh, co-owner of Carnevor.

After a long and stressful year, business is starting to get back on track at Carnevor in downtown Milwaukee.

"It was a grind to be able to get through, such an ups and downs, not knowing," said Shaikh.

The upscale steakhouse survived the pandemic with Shaikh at the helm.

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"It was a really difficult time, and I don’t think a lot of restaurants could make it through a second wave of that," said Shaikh.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, Shaikh worries about what might happen next.

"Having another shutdown just can’t be an option for us," said Shaikh.

Businesses across the country are implementing mask mandates, and New York City is requiring people to be vaccinated before entering into places like restaurants and gyms.

Governor Tony Evers said there are no immediate plans for anything at the state level.

"At the end of the day, we can fix this," said Governor Evers. "We can fix this. We need to get people to get a shot."

The governor says requiring a vaccine passport would be too complex, and Shaikh agrees.

"For me to say, ‘You can’t come into this restaurant because you’re not vaccinated,’ I think that impinges freedom and choice," said Shaikh.

For now, he's focused on continuing momentum and staying open.

"A shutdown would be a complete nightmare, and what hospitality went through that first time around, so many of them won’t make it through," said Shaikh.

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