Judge blocks New York's medical worker vaccine mandate

Judge David Hurd in Utica has temporarily blocked the state of New York from forcing medical workers to be vaccinated after a group of health care workers sued, saying their Constitutional rights were violated.

Iowa school mask mandates allowed, judge rules

A federal judge has ordered the state of Iowa to immediately halt enforcement of a law passed in May that prevents school boards from ordering masks to be worn to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

MPS employee COVID vaccine mandate passes unanimously

Proof of vaccination or a weekly COVID-19 test has become a term of employment for thousands of Milwaukee Public Schools employees, as outlined in a special school board meeting. It's a plan the teachers' union offered support for – a plan passed by the board unanimously during Thursday's meeting.

61 Children's Wisconsin COVID patients in August

There are COVID concerns on two fronts as the American Academy of Pediatrics reports a quarter of a million cases among children; the highest figure of weekly cases since the pandemic began. This, as a new strain of the virus is adding to fears.