Police: Teen arrested for 'shoving people' during pro-Trump rally

The City of Milwaukee's Health Department is still reviewing potential fines for Serb Hall after a political rally hosted on their property Saturday, Nov. 14 took an ugly turn. FOX6 News learned Monday evening a 17-year-old boy was arrested for disorderly conduct after police said he "began shoving several people" during the rally.

One Milwaukee alderman said Monday he is disturbed by reports that members of the crowd turned on two health inspectors, pushing one of them for doing their job. The general manager of the venue was also pushed by the crowd. As of Monday, it's not known how many citations will be issued.

Alderman Mark Borkowski spoke out Monday after the rally in his district was shut down by the health department. 

Alderman Mark Borkowski

"Those are the rules," said Alderman Borkowski. "I’m sorry if you don’t like the rules."

About a thousand people at the rally called for an audit in the 2020 presidential election while also showing support for President Donald Trump. Officials at the health department said they spoke to officials at Serb Hall, the venue where the rally was hosted, prior to the event.

"Serb Hall was given the approval via certain regulations," said Alderman Borkowski.

The COVID-19 guidelines for political events include a maximum of 100 people who must be sitting down and wearing a mask if they are on bar or restaurant property -- something many were not doing on Saturday.

"I'm not going to lose our license," said the general manager during the event. "I will stop the rally if you don’t sit down.” 

Despite pleas from the general manager, members of the crowd turned on him and two people from the health department.  
One health inspector was also pushed. 

"When our health inspector goes to check on the accountability and the crowd turns on him, that’s wrong," said Alderman Borkowski.

Borkowski said Serb Hall is a staple in the neighborhood. 

"They are a wonderful institution and they have a legacy on the south side," said Alderman Borkowski. "They’re also a magnet for political organizations.” 

He said the outcome of Saturday's rally disturbs him.

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"When push literally comes to shove, that’s wrong," said Alderman Borkowski.

Efforts to reach Serb Hall officials Monday for comment were unsuccessful. In the meantime, a health department spokesman issued a statement to FOX6 News saying, in part, a business or venue is responsible for what goes on at their premises, regardless of whether the health department shows up.


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