Several $500 fines for Serb Hall after pro-Trump rally shut down

The owners of an event space that held a rally supporting President Donald Trump Saturday, Nov. 14 are now facing hefty fines. 
That rally had a messy ending, with a man shoved to the ground, and it was all caught on camera. A day later, seemingly no one wanted to talk about the controversy.

Man shoved to the ground during pro-Trump rally at Serb Hall, health inspector at rally

FOX6 News got a lot of "no comment" responses Sunday from event organizers and from the man who was pushed. 
FOX6's photojournalist captured the altercation at Saturday's rally at Serb Hall. 

Pro-Trump rally at Serb Hall

It was an ugly series of events outside Serb Hall Saturday afternoon, as a representative of the event space took the mic, asking people to take a seat. Protesters tore the microphone from his hands, shoving him to the ground.

This was the second pro-Trump "Defend Your Vote Rally" in as many weekends, drawing about a thousand people and the ire of the Milwaukee Health Department. Inspectors showed up to the event, hitting Serb Hall with several $500 tickets for violating pandemic rules. The rally moved from Serb Hall to the streets, where attendees clashed with counter-protesters.

The rally that caused turmoil is now costing the owners.

A health inspector was also shoved to the ground and injured. Health officials said for a political event, the maximum capacity is 100 and people must be seated wearing a mask if it's held at a bar or restaurant.


Health department shuts down pro-Trump rally in Milwaukee

No longer welcome at Serb Hall, the group took its message to the streets, shutting down the intersection of 51st and Oklahoma.