RNC 2024: Volunteers needed in Milwaukee, elsewhere

The Milwaukee 2024 Host Committee is in need of another thousand volunteers with the Republican National Convention now 53 days away.

It's not a political job, so it’s open to people of any or no party. There will be a lot of work around the convention sites, but there are volunteer options elsewhere in the area as well.

"I think it’s really fun. I’m really looking forward to it," said Mary Jo Thompson, who lives in Washington County. "I did a couple of events with them already: the media walkthrough and 100-days party."

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Thompson is among the 3,000 people who have signed up to volunteer since the host committee kicked off recruitment efforts in March. FOX6 has learned another 1,000 are wanted. It is far fewer than the 15,000 volunteers the 2020 Host Committee sought for the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee.

In July, tens of thousands of people will descend on Milwaukee and the RNC – delegates, media, business leaders, protesters, police and federal agents. Whether they arrive in planes, trains or cars, volunteers will be there to say "Welcome to Wisconsin."

2024 Republican National Convention (RNC) preparation in Milwaukee

"This is about the city. It’s about Milwaukee. It’s about Wisconsin," said Alison Prange, the 2024 Host Committee COO. "It’s about taking a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, or at least once-in-a-generation opportunity, and harnessing that opportunity to showcase our city and our state.

"The biggest things the volunteers are going to do here in Milwaukee is welcome people here. And it’s to put the Wisconsin smile on everybody’s face as they’re coming off the plane, checking into their hotels, giving them a great first impression of what our home state is all about."

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Convention hotels extend across southern Wisconsin. From Kenosha to Sheboygan and over to Lake Geneva, you might find a volunteer slot away from downtown traffic.

"We are asking people to be ambassadors to all of those guests, and to make them want to come back," said Prange.

Therese Falde is from St. Croix County. She wants to volunteer close to the RNC events, about four-and-a-half hours from her home.


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She’s a Wisconsin native, a new mom and in charge of the convention that will bring 50,000 visitors to Milwaukee this summer. The CEO of the Republican National Convention, Elise Dickens, sat down with Ted Perry and Stephanie Grady to talk all things convention.

"I'm a Wisconsinite, and the RNC is in Wisconsin, so, we’re like: ‘This is the easiest way of getting to be at an RNC,’" she said. "Every time we go to these things, we always meet more people, like-minded people, so that’s probably one of the best parts about it."

By definition, volunteers won't get paid, but Prange said the Host Committee will put on a party to thank volunteers.

It's another "Thank you" they'll receive for their mission to say "You're welcome."

To sign up as a volunteer, visit the 2024 Host Committee's website.