Movie Tavern in Brookfield allows theater rentals starting at $99

As more Wisconsinites get vaccinated, more people are feeling confident enough to go back to movie theaters.

Going to the movies now is a lot like how it used to be pre-pandemic. There’s still popcorn and concessions and the silver screen is still, well, silver.

"People are like ‘Oh my gosh, you guys are open. We haven’t been to a movie in so long!'" said Adam Levetzow with Movie Tavern in Brookfield.

Movie Tavern in Brookfield

What has changed takes place before you even step foot inside.

"We always allowed guests to be able to rent out theaters pre-pandemic, but now, it’s just as easy as ordering a ticket ahead of time," said Levetzow.

At the Movie Tavern in Brookfield, if inclined, people can rent out the entire theater.

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Movie Tavern in Brookfield

"We want people to feel safe, and we want some normalcy to come back into everybody’s lives," said Levetzow.

In addition to the numerous safety precautions put into place to keep everyone safe, this latest feature starts at $99 -- an appealing offer that is drawing customers.

"Well, we brought all the girls from her class that she’s in to kind of keep it the same as when she’s going to school," said James Daniels. "This is her first time out. I think a first time for a lot of the girls." 

Daniels rented a theater for his daughter’s birthday Sunday, April 18.

Movie Tavern in Brookfield

"My wife and I are both vaccinated so we’re trying to get out a little bit more but still in a safe environment," said Daniels.

He said options like this on top of all the other safety precautions make a big difference in how safe they feel.

That being said, a full return to normal is still a ways away, he said.

"I don’t think we would still go back to the movies with a large group yet by ourselves, but I think just having the option of renting out a theater is just a great option for a small group like this," said Daniels.