US economy shows growth despite lacking enough workers, supplies

Barely more than a year after the coronavirus caused the steepest economic fall and job losses on record, the speed of the rebound has been so unexpectedly swift that many companies can’t fill jobs or acquire enough supplies to meet a pent-up burst of customer demand.

Why it's so hard to fill jobs in certain states

The labor-market recovery after the coronavirus pandemic and related shutdowns is playing out unevenly across the U.S., from states where there are five openings for every unemployed worker to several where historically high jobless rates persist.

Wisconsin may lose school aid, Feds warn

The Department of Education warned Wisconsin's state superintendent of schools it could lose $1.5 billion in federal funding if a Republican education plan becomes law.

Unemployment work search requirement kicks in

If you're receiving unemployment benefits from the state of Wisconsin, you must now prove you're searching for work. That requirement was waived during the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Bucket list travel’ trend post-COVID

Grab your sunscreen and passport! There are more destinations becoming available for vaccinated travelers by the day, with the European Union expected to welcome travelers again soon.