Milwaukee Shake Shack shooting, bond set for 2 charged, warrant for 3rd

Two of three charged in connection with an incident that left a Milwaukee police detective with multiple gunshot wounds appeared in court Thursday, Jan. 20.

Cash bond was set at $250,000 for Timonte Karroll-Robinson, 17, and at $100,000 for Dionta'e Hayes, 18.

A warrant is out for the arrest of Keasean Ellis-Brown, 19.

The three face the following charges:

  • Attempt first-degree intentional homicide (Ellis-Brown)
  • Second-degree recklessly endangering safety (Ellis-Brown, Karroll-Robinson)
  • Attempt operating a motor vehicle without owner's consent (Ellis-Brown, Karroll-Robinson, Hayes)
  • Drive or operate a vehicle without owner's consent (Ellis-Brown, Karroll-Robinson, Hayes)
  • Carrying a concealed weapon (Ellis-Brown)
  • Bail jumping, felony (Ellis-Brown, Hayes)
  • Harboring or aiding a felon (Karroll Robinson, Hayes)
  • Flee or elude an officer (Karroll-Robinson)
  • Obstructing an officer (Karroll-Robinson, Hayes)

Dionta'e Hayes, Timonte Karroll-Robinson, Keasean Ellis-Brown

Milwaukee police responded to the Shake Shack in the Third Ward Thursday, Jan. 13 after an off-duty Milwaukee police detective was shot multiple times. According to prosecutors, the detective "had put himself on duty in order to assist with and ultimately intervene in an attempted car theft."

DoorDash driver recounts moments before shooting

The criminal complaint indicates a DoorDash driver had a food order to pick up at the Shake Shack. She parked her car outside the restaurant and had her three children with her -- who asked to use the restroom. The driver turned off her car and walked into the Shake Shack to ask if her children could use the restroom. That's when "the staff told her that someone was taking something out of her car." 

The driver saw a man running from her car and "getting into a silver car stopped at the intersection." When the driver went back out to her car, she located an iPhone, and her daughter "told her that the suspect got into the front driver's seat, looked back and said, 'Oh (expletive)' when he noticed the children," the complaint says.

Police at scene of off-duty officer involved shooting in Milwaukee's Third Ward

"Their car pulled up next to mine," she said. "He jumped out and jumped into mine."

The Milwaukee woman, still in fear for her safety, asked to remain anonymous when speaking with FOX6 about the ordeal. She says everything happened so quickly on that Thursday afternoon.

"My daughter said, ‘Who are you?’ to him, and he turned around and said, ‘Whoa’ and jumped out," she said.

With all three of her daughters still in the car, she watched the man run away. She then realized he dropped his phone.

"I went and grabbed the phone and then went…told the restaurant to call 911," she said. "'Call them, please. I have his phone.'"

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Off-duty Milwaukee police officer shot trying to stop robbery in Third Ward

That's when things took a turn.

"As I’m talking and saying I have his phone, he heard me, and he turned towards me and came rushing at me, wrapped his arms around me and like, tried to tackle me to the ground to get his phone back," she said.

The off-duty Milwaukee detective, who happened to be inside Shake Shack, jumped in.  

The complaint says the detective identified himself as police, grabbed the suspect off of her and was attempting to wrestle the suspect to the ground and got him to the ground. The DoorDash driver stated "she saw the suspect reaching for his waistband and that the store employees were yelling for her to get behind the counter. She "started running and heard two gunshots and then a brief pause, then three additional shots." 

"They were wrestling on the ground, and then you heard two shots, followed by more shots," she said. "While that was happening, the restaurant employees were pulling me to the back, and I was trying to get to my kids."

The woman says she saw the officer bleeding.

"The whole time he was on the ground, he just was repeating the plate number and what he wanted them to write down, so he just didn’t care about himself at all," she said.

Detective Andrew Wilkiewicz "glad to be home"

The detective suffered four gunshot wounds but was released from the hospital on Tuesday, Jan. 18. Det. Andrew Wilkiewicz is continuing his recovery at home.

As Wilkiewicz walked out of Froedtert Hospital under his own power five days after the shooting, he was greeted with a standing ovation from a crowd of his colleagues and family. He said he is grateful for the support he has received, including Tuesday's ovation.

"(To) get out of this kickin' and have all your friends, family and co-workers here is something special. It's really amazing, everybody that reached out," Wilkiewicz said. "Just glad to be going home."

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A road rage incident near 40th and Silver Spring Drive led to a 27-year-old Milwaukee man being shot and wounded on Thursday morning, Jan. 20, police say.

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