Milwaukee reckless driving; new tow policy in effect

Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman and Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson announced on Monday, May 2 the beginning of a new tow policy to help combat reckless driving. 

"I want reckless drivers to stop, and I want them to think twice about what they’re doing and the way that they’re driving," said Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson.

Police have been given the green light to tow unregistered vehicles involved in reckless driving incidents. The initiative will allow police to tow any unregistered vehicles engaged in reckless driving, going 25 mph or more over the speed limit and trying to get away from officers or drag racing.

"We've got selfish, inconsiderate drivers who are careening around traffic, in and out of lanes, no respect for pedestrians, no respect for bicyclists, no respect for the cars that are around them," said Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson.

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson

Not just giving out citations anymore, police hope the new step could hurt reckless drivers' pockets.

"Especially for folks that are causing death, harm, and destruction and using vehicles as 2,000 pound missiles on the streets of our city," Johnson said. "People who drive recklessly must face consequences."

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The mayor mentioned any cars towed will not be released until their charges are paid, their cars are registered, and the owner comes here with a valid driver's license.

"In response to the public requesting more efforts for reckless driving, this is another tool," said Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman.

Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman

The chief also mentioned at least a half-dozen vehicles have already been towed as part of this initiative. In addition, one firearm and drugs were also confiscated.

"Three takeaways I’d like to say to the public, one be responsible in your driving. As a driver you have a responsibility to align yourself with the rules of the road," Norman said. "Second point, if you are loaning your car out, know who you’re loaning your car out to. It’s important to understand that the responsibility is on you as well as the one who is driving your car. If your vehicle to take kids to school, going to work, having that freedom of mobility ensure the responsibility behind that vehicle before loaning that vehicle out to someone who doesn’t understand the importance of what this vehicle means, the rules of the road or what that vehicle means to you."

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If your car gets towed, Milwaukee police will require a valid driver's license and proof of insurance. Reckless drivers will also be required to pay a tow fee before getting their car back. More information can be found on MPD's Traffic Safety Unit website.