Milwaukee Pick 'n Save attack, 84-year-old beaten, robbed

An 84-year-old woman was attacked at a Milwaukee grocery store, pushed down and robbed while wrapping up a trip to Pick 'n Save.

The victim, named Sue, spoke with FOX6 News about what happened but did not want us to share her full name or show her full face.

"I’m angry, of course, but I’m also sad this has to happen in our society," said Sue. "You can see what my face looks like, and that is because of a broken nose and I have a bruised hip."

She said this particular grocery store trip to the Pick 'n Save store on North Avenue near Humboldt around 4 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 22 was like any other until she was about to leave.

"Went in, got my groceries, loaded my trunk and was about to get into the driver’s seat," said Sue.

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That’s when Sue said she was forcefully pushed to the ground.

"Knocked me down, and I think I tried to chase him," said Sue. "Kind of silly, but there was a car waiting for him right behind mine."

Sue said the attack happened fast, and the robber got away with her purse.

"All my credit cards, my driver’s license, several other cards," said Sue. "They can all be replaced, of course. Just kind of a nuisance for one thing."

Milwaukee police described the robber as a teenage boy between the ages of 14 and 17, weighing 150 pounds.

"I wish we could all love each other," said Sue.

Sue, now on the road to recovery, said the attack will not change the way she lives.

"I want to make it real for people; that it does happen," said Sue. "I never think about that happening to me."

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Pick 'n Save officials are working with police as the investigation continues.

Anyone with information is asked to contact MPD.


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