MFD's LUCAS 3 CPR devices 'increase survivability rate of a patient'

New technology is helping save lives in southeast Wisconsin. An automated chest compression device is changing the way paramedics do their jobs.

There are currently 12 LUCAS 3 devices with the Milwaukee Fire Department. The LUCAS 3 technology is helping with patient outcomes and care. 

The LUCAS 3 device is an automated chest compression system. The Milwaukee Fire Department recently began using it.

"It administers high-quality CPR through the technology," said Lt. Jeff Freitag, MFD. "The technology actually increases the heart rate, the circulation and profusion of this patient."

The hands-off technology allows for crews to be more hands-on with patients.

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"We’re able to interact with families more, gaining a better understanding of the patient’s medical history," said Nicholas Kaiser, MFD firefighter/paramedic.

Kaiser uses the device often.

"Having this tool helps us provide better quality CPR along with being able to focus on other areas of the code to improve patient outcome as well as patient care," said Kaiser.

A patient in cardiac arrest is strapped in the device, maintaining uninterrupted chest compressions.

"This LUCAS 3 device provides the perfection that we need to deliver those two inches of depth in compressions for 110 beats per minute," said Freitag.

The technology is helping first responders and improving patient outcomes.

"This actually increases the survivability rate of a patient," said Freitag.

The device almost doubles the chance for a patient to survive. It can only be used on adults and not children.

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