Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Emails, letters to Kenosha County Courthouse

Hundreds of pages of emails, letters, and even postcards have been sent to the Kenosha County Courthouse since Monday, Nov. 1 – the day jury selection began in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Some of that passion has been seen outside of the courthouse on Tuesday, Nov. 16 – where a cross-section of people have been stating their cases.

"I'm going to ask you continue with the instruction -- you not discuss the case with anyone not even amongst the six of you. You can't deliberate or discuss the case in any way," said Kenosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder.

Kenosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder

Kenosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder

As the judge sent the remaining 12 jurors to begin deliberating the homicide case against Kyle Rittenhouse on Monday morning, those inside and out waited for a verdict.

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Since the trial began, hundreds of pieces of correspondence have been filed with the court – providing an insight into how those near and far feel about the trial. There are letter from New York – and emails from Virginia Beach to Rhode Island. Some tell Judge Schroeder they admire him.

Emails, letters sent to Kenosha County Courthouse

Others beg the circuit court clerk to persuade Judge Schroeder to knock off their perceived "antics and weird ditzy way he is behaving."

Some people have sent the court faxes providing their own self-described research on evidence brought up during the trial. Others called the trial a "malicious prosecution" of Rittenhouse. Conversely, some sentiments say Rittenhouse should be convicted. Some of the documents cannot be shown because of racial slurs and profanity. 

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Security, safety, and the jury's secrecy have been paramount since the beginning.

Groups rally outside the Kenosha County Courthouse

Groups rally outside the Kenosha County Courthouse

"This morning at the pickup, there was someone there who was video recording the jury," said Judge Schroeder.

Last week, the court was made aware that a person was stopped by deputies recording the jury. The Kenosha County Sheriff's Department told FOX6 News that matter is still under investigation. Officials say tips brought in regarding threats have not been deemed credible.

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