Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Anthony Huber's loved ones await verdict

Family members of one of the men killed by Kyle Rittenhouse spoke with FOX6 News about the trial Thursday, Nov. 18, the third day of jury deliberations.

The trial and deliberations have been challenging for the family members of Anthony Huber.

"It’s hard," said Susan Hughes, Huber's aunt. "You’re dealing with the loss of someone and just the physical difficulty of being here, period."

Hughes is waiting to see if a jury will find Rittenhouse innocent or guilty in the killing of her nephew.

Anthony Huber

Anthony Huber

"I think Kyle needs to be held accountable, and the adults around him should act like adults and give him better advice than justifying what happened," said Hughes.

Huber is one of two men killed by Rittenhouse. His defense team said Huber attacked Rittenhouse with a skateboard and said he killed Huber in self-defense. Prosecutors say Huber was trying to disarm Rittenhouse.

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Hughes and Huber’s girlfriend, Hannah Gittings, watched as Rittenhouse sobbed on the stand.

Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse

"I felt for him and his mother. He was a kid," said Gittings. "I wish they could have the same empathy for us and realize that all of us have been crying a lot worse than that for the last 15 months."

David Hancock is a spokesman for the Rittenhouse family.

"They’re staying strong," said Hancock. "They’re staying positive. I think a lot of things came out in this trial that proved a lot of people wrong."

Hanock also weighed in on the defense requesting a mistrial, claiming the prosecution withheld video evidence.

Drone video reviewed during the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse on Nov. 12

"It’s absolutely appalling, and I think some serious answers need to be found as to what happened here," he said. 

The girlfriend of Joseph Rosenbaum, who was killed by Rittenhouse, was also in court Thursday. She plans to talk more after a verdict is reached.


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