Dump truck driver destroys Milwaukee woman's yard in hit-and-run

Police are investigating after a dump truck came barreling through an alleyway on Milwaukee's south side, taking out a fence, hitting a car and narrowly missing some kids. The driver left the scene, but it was all captured on surveillance and that truck had a clear business name on the side of it.

The fence was taken out, the bushes were flattened and the homeowner at 15th Place and Cleveland is upset.

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"He came in through here and just knocked down all of our trees," said Anna Zarnowski, surveying the damage in her backyard. "He took like, two corner panels here, so we have a bit of a mess."

On Thursday, May 12, around 6:30 p.m., surveillance captured the whole thing.

"Somebody came from the alleyway and busted in through the fence here, knocked down all the trees, took out a bumper and then took off," said Zarnowski.

A white dump truck took a turn, taking out a lot along the way.

"Nobody stopped," said Zarnowski. "Nobody came out to fess up and say what they did so we could exchange information. They just took off."

The driver got away but left behind clear evidence – a business name written on the side of the door.

FOX6 News stopped by where the vehicle was registered and found it parked out back. When we knocked on the door, the woman who answered said the business is no longer operating, and she doesn't know who had her truck.

"I don’t want to talk anymore, thank you," she said.

Shortly after we left, Milwaukee police arrived. FOX6 is told they are investigating.

"I just wish people had some integrity," said Zarnowski. 

Zarnowski is frustrated and left to clean all of this up, looking for some accountability.

"If you do something wrong, just fess up to it," said Zarnowski. "Just make it right, and everyone can just move on."

Zarnowski has homeowners insurance and anticipates this will cost a couple of thousand dollars to fix.

She is looking into taking legal action depending on what happens with the investigation.