Arrests made on 5th night of protests in Wauwatosa; curfew to expire

Sunday, Oct. 11 marked the fifth night of protests in Wauwatosa following Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm's decision not to charge Officer Joseph Mensah in the February shooting death of 17-year-old Alvin Cole outside Mayfair Mall.

In the days following that decision, Wauwatosa police said they confiscated lighter fluid, saw numerous incidents involving reckless driving and said bricks and glass bottles were thrown at officers. 

Protests in Wauwatosa Sunday, Oct. 11

Protests in Wauwatosa Sunday, Oct. 11

Protests in Wauwatosa Sunday, Oct. 11

Protests in Wauwatosa Sunday, Oct. 11

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The Wauwatosa Police Department shared video on Facebook showing some of the incidents from Friday, Oct. 9. In one clip, an officer is heard pointing out that a demonstrator has a gun in his pocket. A bottle is thrown toward the line of law enforcement members before officers are seen deploying pepper balls. 

Over the weekend, tear gas was also used on crowds. 

Weekend protests in Wauwatosa

Wauwatosa police said unlike Friday night, there were no reported injuries or property damage on Saturday, Oct. 10. Twenty-eight people were arrested on Friday, compared to eight people taken into custody on Saturday.

"If people are exhibiting behavior that is unlawful or disorderly, then we give them instructions numerous times to leave the area," said Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber.

Police said after declaring an unlawful assembly, the majority of the crowd Saturday near Wauwatosa City Hall followed orders to disperse. 

Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber

Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber

"They are provided sufficient opportunity to follow those instructions. Otherwise, they are subject to arrest," said Chief Weber.

While the National Guard is assisting Wauwatosa police, police said National Guard members have not been involved in making any arrests. 

A 7 p.m. curfew remained in effect Sunday for a fifth and final night, unless police opt to extend their emergency order. As it stands, the curfew expires at 6 a.m. Monday.

Officer Joseph Mensah, Alvin Cole

Officer Joseph Mensah, Alvin Cole

In the meantime, Officer Mensah remains on paid suspension. He was suspended by the Wauwatosa Police and Fire Commission because of a complaint filed by the family of Jay Anderson -- a man shot and killed by Mensah in 2016.

An independent investigator hired by the PFC recommended Mensah be fired.

The group does not meet again until Oct. 21, but it's unknown if Mensah's case will be on the agenda.

With a goal of improving trust between law enforcement and people living in Milwaukee, on Monday, we're expected to learn more from a new group aimed at creating the city's first "community-oriented policing policy." The Community Collaborative Commission is working with members of the Milwaukee Common Council, police, and the Milwaukee FPC.

Demonstrations held in Wauwatosa for 4th straight day

Prior to Saturday's curfew, a peace vigil was held outside city hall. That demonstration continued past the curfew but remained peaceful.

Wauwatosa PD releases footage, says bottles thrown at officers

The Wauwatosa Police Department on Saturday released video, including body camera footage, of law enforcement activity pertaining to protests on Oct. 9.

Business picks up pieces, damaged amid Mensah decision unrest

As shards of glass sit scattered on the inside, community members rallied outside of Molly Sullivan's business.