Open Record: Unlicensed to Drive

A highly-regarded university dean is killed by a car as he crossed a Milwaukee street. What police say the driver did and why he's accused of doing it started raising questions about a tiny used car lot of the city's south side. In this episode of Open Record, the FOX6 Investigators dig into a recent investigation to explain the Wisconsin law that allows individuals to buy and sell used cars for a living even if they're not licensed to drive them.

The team talks about Bryan Polcyn's most recent investigation where he explains the crash, the circumstances, and who was involved. He also talks about what prompted him to look into a local used car dealer, what a 'Buyer's License' is, and what the law is as it pertains to the Wisconsin DOT. In this episode's 'Off the Record' segment, the team unpacks a doozy of a question.

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