Open Record: Relief package passed

A $1.9 trillion dollar COVID-19 relief bill now has President Biden's signature. It's a bill aimed at jump-starting the economy and ending the pandemic. What's in the bill and what does it mean for the country, Wisconsin, and your family? In this episode of Open Record, the FOX6 Investigators invite FOX6 political reporter Jason Calvi on to talk about the aid that'll soon come to Americans. The team talks about past COVID-19 relief bills and what they did for the country. They dig into how this one is different and the sticking points from lawmakers who disagree. Jason explains what kind of funds state and local governments will see with this relief package, and more importantly, what's coming to Wisconsin.

Plus, in this episode's 'Off the Record' question, find out why kids were coming to young Amanda on the playground for a history lesson and listen as Jason shows everyone up with an insightful answer as he reflects back on his life.

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