With the return of in-person learning, what about sports?

Several schools are slowly returning to in-person learning, but what about playing sports again? Health experts recommend kids be active, especially with warmer temps on the way. 

The colder weather and virtual school have left kids less physically active during the pandemic. 

"I’ve seen issues with weight gain in kids that never had that problem before, and physical deconditioning problems, too, "said Jeffrey Britton.

That's why pediatricians recommend kids return to extracurricular activities like spring sports. While doctors say outdoor, individual sports are the safest from spreading COVID-19, there are ways to make team sports safe.

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"Soccer with a mask, with smaller pods, with care of how you travel to the games, social distancing when you can, not sharing water bottles," said Britton.

While these precautions can help against the spread of the virus, there are a few things Dr. Britton suggests avoiding. 

"Activities in a small closed space like a weight room or fitness class in a gym, those activities are quite dangerous," said Britton.

He does warn kids who contracted a moderate to severe case of COVID-19 should get cleared by a doctor first. That's because some kids will have inflammation of the heart. 

"Otherwise, if you go back to a sport and you have a heart that’s not 100% well, that could have very serious consequences," said Britton.

Dr. Britton says overall, the return to sports is a return to normalcy -- benefitting kids both mentally and physically. 

Doctors say if you're worried about having your kid return to sports in the spring, you should still get outside and be active. Anything like taking a walk or riding a bike will help your child's physical and mental health.