Wisconsin primary Aug. 9, Milwaukee early voting ends Saturday

The Wisconsin primary election is Aug. 9, and Tuesday, Aug. 2 was the recommended deadline to put your vote in the mail. Your ballot has to get to your clerk by 8 p.m. Aug. 9 to count, so after Tuesday, there's no guarantee it will get there in time. 

There are other options for voters ahead of Aug, 9, including those who may regret who they already voted for.

"I’ve been voting ever since I was 18, and I figure Martin Luther King died in order for us to have our right to vote and then I want changes because I’ve been a working class for many years," said Denise Jackson.

Jackson voted early in Milwaukee Tuesday, even with her preferred Senate candidate no longer an option.

"The one I was voting for dropped out, but hey, I just voted for the next person," said Jackson.

If you already cast your absentee ballot for someone who is no longer running, there is an option to spoil that ballot, but time is running out. Voters can request in writing for their ballot to be spoiled. You can then re-vote on Election Day, but you have to make the written request by the end of in-person absentee voting. That exact deadline depends on where you live.

Rivea Allen said Tuesday she's planning to cast her vote soon.

"It’s what we’re supposed to do," said Allen. "It’s what we’re supposed to do for changes to be made."

Allen said the Milwaukee County sheriff's race is driving her to the polls. She wants something to be done about the city's crime rate.

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"We need to find someone who is able to carry out what needs to be done to make a change," said Allen.

And making change requires keeping up with the changing voting rules in Wisconsin.

The last day for early voting in Milwaukee is Saturday, Aug. 6.