Wheelchair stolen from terminally ill teen

A Jeep was stolen from Milwaukee's northwest side Monday morning. 

The owner got the vehicle back, but it's what was inside--that she desperately needs back.

Inside that Jeep's trunk was her daughter's wheelchair.

The owner is asking people to keep their eyes open--so her daughter can her mobility back.

Like most teens, Aliyah Nerat loves to go for a drive. Always riding shotgun with her mom behind the wheel.

"Her joy in life is to get out of the house because she’s stuck in the house all day," her mother Jennifer Nerat said.

But lately, these trips have been limited after the Jeep was stolen.

A day later, it was found in an alley…

"They took everything out of the backseat," she said

And a very important item was missing from the trunk.

Aliyah's hot pink wheelchair--was taken out.


"It’s heartbreaking that someone would take it from her," she said.

Just six years ago, Aliyah was diagnosed with juvenile Huntington's Disease.

"She’s had it from birth, the symptoms just started when she was 11," her mother said.

The progressive brain disease takes away her ability to eat, speak and walk.

She's been using a wheelchair to help her get around when she leaves the house.

At 6 feet tall, Aliyah got it custom-made for her height.

"We just got it. It’s brand new.  It took months to get. At least five months," her mother said.

Jennifer and Aliyah Nerat

She is hoping the thieves tossed it and it will be recovered.

But she's set up a GoFundMe page in case it's not.

For Aliyah--it would mean the world and a chance--to regain some freedom-- and happiness.

"If you find it, I really would like it back," Nerat said. 

If you know anything about where that wheelchair might be--give the police a call.

If you'd like to help donate money for a new wheelchair, click here.