Wauwatosa school board closer to deciding future of administrator

In a quiet move Monday night, Jan. 10, the Wauwatosa School Board moved closer to determining the future of an administrator currently on paid leave.

A FOX6 investigation revealed Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Kristin Bowers used her position to encourage the school district to adopt a college and career readiness program called AVID while her husband, Brett Bowers, was on AVID's payroll. Even though the district's legal counsel warned Bowers should stay out of AVID decision-making, public records show she remained involved in what would become a six-figure, no-bid contract.

At first, several members of the school board brushed aside concerns about the Bowers' relationship; public records show the superintendent initially attempted to protect her. In November, after learning what FOX6 uncovered, the district put Bowers on paid leave, launched an investigation, and notified police. 

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On Monday night, Wauwatosa School Board approved a personnel consent agenda recommending the board "non-extend" Bowers' current contract, which would have automatically extended without formal action before January 31. 

The school district says its internal investigation wrapped up last week. The next step is for the school board, with input from the superintendent, to decide whether Bowers will return to the district to finish out her current contract and, if not, to work out the terms of her separation.

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