Waukesha parade victim's bobblehead fundraiser exceeds goal

Peter Jerving; Tyler Pudleiner

A Waukesha Christmas Parade victim's bobblehead fundraiser to support the family of fallen Milwaukee Police Officer Peter Jerving exceed its goal – raising $4,206. 

"We’re going to try and raise $3,422 – 3422 was Officer Jerving’s badge number," Tyler Pudleiner told FOX6 News on March 1

Six people were killed, and Pudleiner was one of dozens of people hit and injured during the 2021 parade attack. He was marching with the Waukesha South High School band, and one of the things he remembers most about the attack is how paramedics, firefighters and police all rushed into the street to help. Now, he's giving back.

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"The main goal is paying back the kindness that not only I received, and my family received after the Christmas parade, and all the things the first responders did that night," Pudleiner told FOX6.

Through his "Bobbleheads Bring Us Together Project," Pudleiner auctioned off 20 bobbleheads. Some were donated, others are from his personal collection. The Frame Family got involved after seeing FOX6's story and donated $1,000.

The fundraiser closed on Monday, March 13.