Waukesha company's 'fully autonomous' robots used to kill COVID

A Waukesha-based company has seen a 500% increase in the demand for the products they manufacture: COVID-19 killing robots.

The red lasers, flashing lights and hum of the machines are reminiscent of an 80s sci-fi movie, but the mastermind behind the robots says don't worry, they're on our side.


"It’s actually a technology that uses UV-C energy, and that UV-C energy is incredibly effective at disinfecting pathogens in the environments," said Gunner Lyslo with Surfacide.  

Surfacide uses the COVID-killing robots primarily to sanitize medical work environments. 
"We wanted to relieve the hospitals from relying so heavily upon the human element by bringing in a technology that was fully autonomous," said Lyslo.


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With the coronavirus pandemic putting renewed emphasis on sanitation in just about every aspect of our daily lives, Lyslo says more businesses, like restaurants, hotels, bars and sporting venues, are considering robots of their own. 


"This is a hospital-grade technology that is now being used outside the health care space," said Lyslo. "By eliminating that human error factor and bringing in our technology, now we are capturing all of those surfaces that we know that can either come in contact with the patient's hands, or the health care worker’s hands and cause infection."

Company officials are quick to point out that the robots don't replace general wellness and cleanliness practices. Instead, they should be viewed as an additional layer to keep you safe. 


The cost is around $100,000. 

To learn more about Surfacide at www.surfacide.com, call 844-390-3538 or email info@surfacide.com.