VISIT Milwaukee launches Hotel Month, offers exclusive packages

If you haven’t ventured much outside of your home, or apartment, this past year – a nice, safe, escape probably sounds pretty good right now.

One Milwaukee group is responding to that demand.

"We know a lot of people are still a little bit hesitant about traveling," Visit Milwaukee’s Emily Tau said. "About either a road trip, or getting on an airplane, and traveling." 

But in a pandemic, sometimes, the idea of going too far away isn’t what you’re looking for. Maybe it’s something… just far enough.

"…So we want local Milwaukeeans to book that stay-cation," Tau said.

If you feel this way, Visit Milwaukee says you are not alone.

Which is why they’ve gone ahead and done this…

"For the month of March, it is Milwaukee Hotel Month!" she said.

43 hotels known as traveler must-stays, hoping to turn into local favorites.

"If you’re within a little short of a drive and you just want to feel like you’re on a resort island come on downtown! Enjoy Saint Kate The Art’s Hotel, take in our accommodations, our experiences, and let us kind of cater a fun little weekend for you," said Brandon Drusch of Saint Kate Art’s Hotel.

The Saint Kate Art’s Hotel, which reopened near the end of last year, says they've made cleanliness, and safety their top priority.

"We’ve got our ‘Clean Clear Pledge’ which is our Saint Kate standards and expectations for what our guests, and our staff, can expect from us," Drusch said.

And they've also got exclusive deals to make your stay that much more special.

"For $150 you can come downtown, enjoy Saint Kate for the night, also get a complimentary upgrade to one of our superior suites and enjoy the experience that we have to offer," he said.

Sometimes, the best adventures away from home don't require you having to go too far.

To get a full rundown of the participating hotels, and to see some of their fun packages, click here.

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