'The Snowblower Guy' hands out refurbished machines free in Milwaukee

Wisconsinites are no strangers to snow, but not everyone has access to a snowblower, making the winter weather a bit challenging. If you’re ill-equipped to fight the flurries, no worries. Greg Ryan has you covered.

Greg Ryan

“I’ve become reasonably well-known sometimes as 'The Snowblower Guy,'” said Ryan.

The small engine mechanic performs miracles on unused or broken snowblowers before giving them away to families around Milwaukee who can use them -- free-of-charge.

“Maybe they can’t afford them, or are going through some hard time, or people that will help their neighbors,” Ryan said.

During the day, Ryan has his own mobile small engine repair business. When he’s home, he focuses on donations. As temps fall, it’s those donations that warm his heart.

“I have sold them in the past, and I get more satisfaction in giving them away for free,” Ryan said.

He calls it “snowblowing it forward,” hoping wherever the snowblower finds a home, it’ll benefit the whole street. His garages serve as his workshop, no helpers needed.

“My wife came to give me something and she looked around and said, 'It looks like an insane person works here,'” Ryan said. “I think I’m pretty organized.”

It seems there’s "snow" problem he can’t fix. Over the last few years, Ryan has donated more than 100 snowblowers.

And business will never slow down for Ryan.

“In the spring, I’ll be 'The Lawnmower Guy,'” Ryan said.

If you have an old machine that you’d like to donate to the program, CLICK HERE.