Supply chain issues, rising food prices ahead of Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, enthusiasm about the holiday is mounting. Meanwhile, it seems prices are also expected to be high for both shoppers and businesses this season. 

Here's what consumers can expect and ways to stretch your dollars.

Leslie Sarasin, with the Food Industry Association, says it’s a result of some of the supply chain challenges and tremendous growth and demand for products that we’ve seen.

Leslie Sarasin

Leslie Sarasin

"We are working very hard in the food industry to do everything we can to keep the shelves in our store stocked and keep them stocked with products that are affordably priced that’s not easy these days," she said.

As shopping trends show the average household spending is about $144 per week, which is higher than pre-pandemic times.

"In 2019, for example, we were spending about $113.50 on average each week," said Sarasin.

To help save on supper, Sarasin says plan now.

"We know what ingredients we need, so let's buy them let’s go ahead and get them in our pantry. Join the loyalty program, download the app take advantage of the sales and the discounts and coupons that are offered through those means," she said. "The third thing we can do is take a look at private brands. In many instances, they can be more affordable."

A few tips to cope as the food industry continues to address challenges.

"Our hope is our customers will be patient as we go to this recalibration and try to get back to whatever our new norm is going to be," she said

Sarasin says grocers generally operate under about a 1 to 2% profit margin each year which doesn't give them a lot of flexibility, but many are doing what they can to absorb some of those price increases rather than passing them along to customers.

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