7-Eleven workers beat would-be robber with stick until suspect starts crying

They say it ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun. Such was the case for two 7-Eleven employees in California who turned the tables against a man who was on the verge of stealing dozens of boxes of cigarettes from the store.

The video, shared by social media user @yo_folkers, with the geotag of the city of Stockton displayed over the post, showed a man with his head and face covered in a blue t-shirt grabbing a trash can and then stuffing it with boxes of tobacco products.

The man taking the video politely asks the suspect to get him "a swisher," but the suspect ignored his request. The suspect continues to stuff the trash can while cussing people out and then threatening to shoot the workers. The man taking the video repeatedly tells the workers "ain't nothing you can do" as the suspect was trying to steal hundreds of dollars worth of items.

But at one point in the video, as the suspect tried to scoot by one of the workers, a scuffle ensued and the second 7-Eleven worker grabbed a stick and started beating the suspect.

The suspect starts crying and begs the worker to stop beating him, telling everyone he can't walk anymore.

"That's called whooping your ***," the guy taking the video shouted in the video.

The man taking the video ultimately escorted the would-be robber out of the store – under the condition that the suspect will never return to the store.

"I can't walk," the suspect cried.

"You better walk tonight," the man taking the video told the suspect before throwing him out of the business on behalf of the store.

In the middle of a very tense walk of shame out of the store, the suspect asked if he could leave with a soda. The man taking the video immediately rejected the suspect's request.

It is unknown if anyone will face charges in the bizarre event.