Sheboygan schools social media threat 'not credible': police

Police were made aware of a possible threat to a Sheboygan middle school student around 10 p.m. Sunday night. 

Detectives immediately started investigating the threats and based on information, decided alongside the Sheboygan Area School District to continue with school as normal while the investigation continued.

Investigators spoke with several students that were mentioned in the messages and determined that they are not responsible for the threatening messages. Based on the investigation the SPD believes that the person responsible for the messages created a fake account with the personal information of somebody who is not responsible for the threatening content.  

Police do not believe that the threat is credible and continue to investigate the source of the threats, believed to be from someone in another state.  

As always, please pay particular attention to social media, especially when used by youth, and report suspicious or threatening messages.  

It is also asked that social media content, when containing negative or threatening content, not be shared due to providing unnecessary attention to individuals who want that attention.