Racine landscaping trailer, tools stolen

A Racine family has turned to social media and the public for help. The landscaping business they started less than a year ago came to a screeching halt after someone stole their trailer carrying all of their equipment. 

For Jose and Carolina Navarro, the timing couldn't have been worse. 

"Landscaping, this is the prime time right now, and to have that taken away, it's very hurtful," said Carolina.

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Outside their home, their neighbors' surveillance cameras captured part of the story. The Navarros said a pickup was stalking their property while Jose worked outside. Minutes later, a different neighbor's camera captured the truck towing the trailer away, taking part of the couple's GTO Landscaping and Snow Removal business along with it. 

"Oh, it's a big loss," said Carolina. "You know, we had, with the trailer alone and the equipment, anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 of equipment in the trailer and the trailer was brand new."

In addition to calling Racine police, Carolina posted the video online, hoping to generate more discussion and help solve the case, a trend UW-Milwaukee professor Marc Tasman said is becoming more common with the help of home surveillance systems.

"Instead of the police kind of walking the beat and asking, 'Did you see anything?' now they say, 'Did you see anything, and was your camera operating?'" he said.

The Navarro family hopes digital evidence can bring their business back.

"To start all over again, and it's...it's a lot," said Carolina. "We don't have that type of money just sitting around to buy all brand new."

Since the theft, the Navarros installed security cameras at their home. Now, they're hoping to get their equipment and trailer back. They ask anyone with information to contact Racine police.